Prime time Ravish kumar ; सीवर सफाई कर्मचारियों की बुरी हालत और स्वच्छ भारत अभियान (10Aug17) Down the Drain – Participatory Video made by sewage workers in Delhi Published on Jan 23, 2014 Down the Drain (Gutter main zindagi) is a participatory video made by sewage workers in Delhi. The video talks about the hazardous work that they do putting the life and limbs in danger, only to be stigmatised and looked down upon. The lack of accountability in the system, the historical injustice of imposing one caste of people with the indignity of manually cleaning drains and sewage lines along with the bane of privatization, pushes the sewage workers literally and figuratively, ‘down the drain’. This participatory video was made by Ravi, Mahender, Govind, Ashok and Lalit. It was facilitated by Praxis and supported by Delhi Jal Board Workers’ Union, National Campaign for Dignity and Rights of Sewerage and Allied Workers. 3 आदमी गटर से बाहर नहीं आये फिर देखें केजरीवाल ने क्या किया – Ravish Kumar Prime Time Ravish Kumar (11Aug17) ; सीवर सफ़ाई कर्मियों की बुरी हालत-भाग2 दिल्ली- एमसीडी चुनाव की सनसनीखेज हकीकत/REAL GROUND REPORT ON MCD ELECTION Ravish Kumar Prime Time ,मैला ढोना कब खत्म होगा ? manual scavenger ,llVoice of dissentll Ravish Kumar Prime Time 22Dec17 ; Namami Gange Project | कहाँ है नमामि गंगे प्लान ? 17 july Ravish Kumar Prime Time, सीवर में हज़ारो जाने जाती है हर साल |Indian Thinker|